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The artisans are the bearers of the ancestral wisdom

Latin America is a multicultural region. It is the result of the mix between European settlers, native indigenous communities, and the African population brought to America. Throughout history, the ancestral communities have made their best effort to maintain their traditions alive through the creation of artwork.

“Handcrafts are usually admired by their colors, textures, techniques, and symbols, but often their reasons for being are not known. Indigenous handcrafts represent their cultural, territorial, and communal lives. Its essence is to maintain alive the collective legacy and the memory of their ethnicity.”

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Latin Asia serves as a gateway for the Wayuu, and other ethnic groups and artisans, to connect with the global community. Through this online marketplace dedicated to small-scale producers, we contribute to the well-being of rural artisan and indigenous communities.

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Direct Sourcing from Colombian and Latin American Communities

Direct partnerships with artisans and indigenous ethnic groups. Our ability to source directly, manage the supply chain, and deliver to the customers, allow us to offer accessible pricing.

Authentic and Unique Products That Tell a Story

Authentic expressions of the rich cultural heritage of Colombia. All of our products are handmade and unique. Once an item is sold, there are no others exactly like it.

Wide Range of Choices, Endless Cultural Exploration

Diverse and extensive range of products, providing customers with a wide array of choices that go beyond the ordinary. Our engagement with the local communities enables us to curate our collections, and to continuously diversify our offering.