Featured Artisans

The colonial background of Latin America brought together the distant worlds of Europeans and Africans with the many indigenous communities in Central and South America. This contributed to the creation of a unique mix of cultures heavily influenced mostly by the Spanish and Portuguese crowns. These cultures are evidenced through the works of thousands of artisans, who take advantage of the materials at their disposal, and create unique pieces of art. The handcrafts, as artistic and cultural expressions, are an essential means to understanding the historical journey the people that created them.


Terrazul Glass artists molds, hand paints, and fuses decorative products through the vitrofusion technique. These art pieces are made by designers in Envigado, Antioquia within the Medellín metropolitan area.


Copoarte is a company or artisans that recreate the famous “Chivas” or “Escaleras” A chiva (Goat), and “escalera” (ladder) is an actually a rustic bus used the countryside of Colombia and is used to transport people and agricultural goods in the mountainous regions. They are made of wood and colourfully decorated. Artisans recreate these “Chivas” in clay and make them in all sizes. Copoarte is well known for their quality and the high level of detail of their creations.


Artesanias Toro Miura, creates Galapa masks and other accessories with the designs of the Barranquilla Carnival. The community is in Galapa in the Department of Atlántico.

These are carved out of wood from the red ceiba and canahuate trees which guarantees its quality. They are then hand-painted with local designs.
The Barranquilla Carnival is one of the most important celebrations in Colombia.


Betopaz is a company of entrepreneurs located in Bogota. Their products are handmade with designs that depict Colombian culture, ethnic diversity, fauna, and other aspects of our lives. Their creations are unique and original using all kinds of materials including wood with resin finish.


Nina Sol is a company of entrepreneurs and artists located in Bogota. Their creations present the beauty of our Afro-Colombian ethnic group, an important part of our diversity. All products are handmade and now available in Asia.


El Sombrerero is a Colombian brand of hats and accessories for women and men, built on sisterhood and conscious craftsmanship by three sisters whose focus is to highlight the essence of each person by designing hats, using natural materials such as Palma de Iraca and Lana or Paño, each piece is made by Colombian artisans from different parts of our country.